Site Stabilization

Eco Turf utilizes a variety of techniques to help stabilize your projects according to stage or need.

For example, we rely on a variety of temporary and permanent ground cover solutions. These seeding services include straw mulch and fertilizer to achieve vegetation faster and an asphalt emulsion tackifier to hold seed and straw in place.

Erosion control matting is another excellent option that is used to stabilize erosion-prone locations. Erosion mats are typically either biodegradable (straw, coconut coir, wood fiber) or synthetic (woven geotextiles, non-woven geotextiles). Biodegradable options are considered short-term or temporary solutions and are often used in areas that are environmentally sensitive. Synthetic materials offer long-term, permanent solutions and are used around roads or drainage areas to stabilize the area. We offer a variety of both temporary and permanent matting to help achieve stabilization on slopes and drainage ditches.

Site Stabilization photo