Why is erosion control important?

Site stabilization and erosion control measures are a required part of any project. These measures are important to minimize environmental impacts from construction activities.

Will I be fined if I don't follow the Erosion Control Plan?

Local government agencies as well as state and EPA officials have the authority to stop all construction activities on any project if they feel the approved erosion control plan is not being followed properly. They also have the power to assess monetary damages and fines if any offsite impacts occur up to $5000/day in some cases.

What is stormwater and why is stormwater training important?

Stormwater is water from rain or melting snow that doesn't soak into the ground but runs off into waterways. This runoff can pick up debris, chemicals, dirt and other pollutants as it flows. Pollution conveyed by stormwater degrades the quality of drinking water, damages fisheries and habitat of plants and animals that depend on clean water for survival and can make waters used for recreational activities unsafe. Eco Turf can train and educate staff to recognize and better understand the affects of stormwater and be more informed regarding regulatory guidelines and requirements pertinent to onsite stormwater management..

Are inspections a required part of my project?

Yes... on any site which you are grading over an acre that has any type of land development or grading permit (and in some cases, smaller sites that are part of a 'larger common development').

What is the difference between Self Inspections and NPDES inspections?

The Self Inspection program requires 7 separate phase dependent inspections, as well as measurement of certain devices, to ensure compliance with the approved erosion control plan. NPDES inspections are tied to overall stormwater compliance through the NC General Permit, NCG010000, and are conducted during normal business hours weekly and following rain events as required.

Why should I choose Eco Turf?

Eco Turf is committed to providing our customers with superior quality service and delivery of the highest quality materials and installations at a competitive price point. Our experienced site managers and installers goal is to protect you and the environment as you complete your projects.